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Innocent: His Wood Nymph

Q. Zayne

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Billionaire adventurer Forest Macks investigates an eye-witness account of fairies or nymphs in an isolated old-growth woods.
Earnest sucked on his pipe.
"Weird thing, because I'm not like this. I knew if she ran, I'd want to chase her. I felt something wild in myself when I looked at her, that pale face with big eyes. She was like some doll come to life and you know what it would feel like to touch that pure, feral creature deep in the woods, to catch her hard in your arms and feel her heart beating fast as a bird, to pin her and show her, well, you can imagine."
I could imagine. His words and the raw lust on his face stuck with me, made me want to find her.

This is a raw, detailed dirty story about an older alpha man and an untouched younger woman. If you don't enjoy hardcore erotica, adult language and edgy mature themes including claiming and pregnancy romance, don't download this book. This is a complete short story, no cliffhanger. Adventurous readers, let's ride.

General Erotica Dark Erotica
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