Shrinks: Curvy Brie's First Treatment

by Q. Zayne

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This is explicit erotica for women. It’s a dirty book. If that’s not what you want, back out slowly so nothing gets on you.
Imagine this: An untouched curvy college student interviews to be an experimental subject for three shrinks.
Dr. Lorenzo’s questions shock me.
If he wasn’t the hottest man I ever saw up close, I’d leave.
His intense eyes, sexy mouth, and seductive accent have me imagining what it would be like if he wants to punch my V card.

This is a standalone novelette with no cliffhanger. It’s total fantasy of the nasty kind. The fiction has no bearing on actual people or this fine profession. The activities depicted are not safe and are portrayed purely for entertainment. Shrinks is a wicked interracial three-on-one MMMF menage erotica short read with scary-hot moments to make you squirm in all the right ways.

Anyone easily upset by sexual content, blunt adult words, a hard unprotected first time, alpha dominance, group sex, interracial sex, age gap sex, spanking, stuffing, and other kinky things should not read this book. All characters are consenting adults over 18. This book is for discerning mature adults over 18.
There are bonus previews of two of my other books for you in this edition.
Adventurous readers, let’s go for a deep treatment.