Hunted: Athena

by Q. Zayne

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I'm one of the wealthiest men on earth, and I'm a monster. I use my psychic gifts to offer a young woman her heart's desire. For a price.
I have the gift, or curse, to divine more about people than they know they're showing. Call me psychic, freak or demon. Some girls think I'm an angel, because I see what they need and solve their problems. The price: they come to my island and entertain me. Yes, I'm Gabe, named for the angel Gabriel, and I own The Billionaires Club.
Extreme erotic shows get through my armor so I can feel. I'd rather feel lust and give pain than feel pain myself. The girls come willingly. But I put them through hell. It's all I live for anymore.
I go to a fight club in San Francisco, for diversion. Athena steps into the ring, and I have to take her to my island. I want the fighter for my next hunt. But she's like me, she connects to an unseen world. I see who she is, and she sees right through me. I may have met my match.

is a Dark Fantasy erotica novella. It's rated MATURE 18+ due to language, sexual content and mature themes, including BDSM and nonlethal hunting for erotic sport. After she signs a contract, of course.
Hunted is the sixth episode in The Billionaires Club series. Although the earlier episodes are standalones, reading Capture before this one will add to your enjoyment.
Contents may be triggering for some readers.
Please spare yourself if you aren't up for interracial relationships, an intense, damaged paranormal alpha with psychic powers, an untouched virgin fighter from the inner city, scary-hot intimate and rough sex, mentions of violence, and/or emotional tough stuff.
BTW, there's no name-calling or disrespect, just raw life and eroticism. All characters are over 18.
The main action of this episode resolves within this book, and it's clear the story continues.
Adventurous readers, enjoy! Q