Scandalous: A Secret Baby Dark Romance

by Alexis Angel

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She's my stepfather's forced bride, fifteen years older than me...and the mother of my child.

She thinks I'm cocky and arrogant, but I know she can't resist my touch.

She's entirely forbidden. Too risky to touch. Too taboo to taste.

My father is blackmailing her to stay in a loveless marriage, but f*ck him, I'm going to claim her as mine.

She thinks she has too much to lose, but I'm the one with the most to lose if I can't save her from him.

I don't care if she says she's older and wiser. I'm younger, stronger...and harder.

I'm going to take her and my baby and we're going to be a family.

No one can stop me. Not even her.

Scandalous is a full-length standalone romance that will have your naughty bits twitching with delight. No cliffhanger. HEA guaranteed.