Pleasuring the Coquette

by Juno North

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Many men want her.
She wants them all.

Beautiful and wealthy, Arabella, the heiress to the estate of Greatwood, appears to be the perfect Victorian lady. But the corset and crinoline hide a sensual nature, greedy for all the pleasures of the world—and determined to test her suitors’ prowess before she decides on one.

However, before she embarks on her quest for a husband that can keep up with her, Arabella tells the tale of how she surrendered her purity—but was it to the soil-stained gardener or the rough-handed gamekeeper? And what does the completely indecent statue have to do with it?

This is the story of how Arabella learns the pleasures of the flesh—and stone. This demure young lady is thoroughly plundered in a story that is sure to leave you collapsed on a fainting-couch. Sometimes, behind closed doors, perfect ladies are the naughtiest of all.