Monster Bundle

by Amelia Moore

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Three stories of erotic monster escapades

The Vampire’s Pet
Daisy doesn’t think she is going to like college. Her sheltered Christian upbringing in a small town didn’t prepare her for life in the city and it certainly didn’t prepare her for Jessica, her promiscuous new roommate from New York who likes to poke fun at her innocence. Things change when Jessica doesn’t show up for the first day of class. When Jessica finally appears looking pale and tired she says she has a new job at an exclusive club. She convinces Daisy to check it out, where Daisy meets a mysterious woman who has plans for Daisy that she could never have imagined…

The Mermaid and the pirate
With an armada barrelling down on Captain Matthew Trewella for crimes against the crown, the pirate has no choice but to steer his ship directly into a raging storm. Right before his ship is torn apart he hears the gentle voice of a woman singing. Set adrift on the wreckage of his vessel he washes ashore a mysterious island where he encounters a mythical woman bathing naked in a lagoon. Her song is bewitching and her offer inviting but there is much more to her than what can be seen above the water.

Abducted by Bigfoot
A solo canoeing trip in the wilderness goes wrong Janice finds herself stranded in the middle of nowhere when her canoe gets destroyed in the unforgiving rapids. Things go from bad to worse when she tries to dry her clothes and gets chased away by a bear. A barely clothed dash through the woods seems like certain doom when an unlikely hero comes to save the day in an epic battle of nature. Safe from the bear, Bigfoot takes her for himself and carries her back to his cave. The last thing she was expecting was to find true love.