Maid To Be Theirs: A More The Merrier Bundle

by Juno North

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They say three’s a crowd…but three on one’s the hottest sort of crowd…

This bundle contains three of Juno North’s most sizzling stories, of young women getting themselves into sticky situations. A maid in a luxury hotel has her dream of going to the masquerade ball, only to have her dream enabled by a mysterious woman—who expects her to become the central entertainment for three masked men. A woman is so desperate to be relieved of her purity that she puts herself at the mercy of three strangers. And, finally, a ghost hunter gets far more than she bargained for when she stumbles into the lair of three lusty lady ghosts who are bored of men and intent on claiming her for their dark lord.

Each woman throws away all her inhibitions to lose herself in pleasure as she is taken hard, rough, and in every possible way…