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Schooling the Suffragette & More: A Professorial Bundle

Juno North

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These college students are hardly innocents…

This bundle from Juno North contains three of her naughtiest stories—stories of college women getting some extracurricular instruction from their professors. Extra instruction that includes lessons in stripping, licking, taking and sharing—often for the first time.

In a bygone era, a saucy suffragette attempts to make a political point by occupying a college office—only to find she’s put herself at their mercy of her professor. A young freshman plots revenge on the professor she feels she has ruined her life, only to find that he has some very old-fashioned ideas about discipline. And a field hockey player, facing being benched because of failing grades, conspires with a sizzling hot teammate to get extra biology lessons from their professor…the sort of extra credit lessons that lead to her surrendering her purity to teammate and professor on a lab bench…

The education these young women received from older men might just make you want to go back to school for a degree in H.O.T…

Dark Erotica
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