Arresting The Alpha

by Juno North

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Not everything is black and white…

Helen is a streetwise cop who thinks she’s seen just about everything. Until she meets Alexander Ives over the body of a murdered man. Rich, privileged and entirely too sure of his own charm, Alex is the sort of man Helen normally despises—but even she can’t deny that he’s as hot as he is rich or that she is deeply, frustratingly attracted to him.

But Alex has unexpected depths—he’s hiding a dark secret. He’s a werewolf, and, half-feral around the full moon, is intent on claiming Helen as his mate. Mystified by the existence of a world she cannot understand, Helen is soon over her head, both in her steamy encounters with Alex and her investigation of violent death in his wealthy neighbourhood. Can she both be a cop and police the supernatural? Can she hold true to her ideals and still love a werewolf?

Arresting the Alpha is a novella of sizzling hot romance with a hint of mystery and menace.