Revenge: A Bad Boy Romance

by Jessica Ashe

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My name is Chloe, and I'm a cop in love with a killer.
Fresh out of Quantico, my first FBI assignment is to infiltrate Chicago’s most infamous crime family. My target is tall, dark, and handsome Denton Russell. Son of the family Don, Russell handles a lot of the dirty work… and he knows where all the skeletons are buried.

Denton is an intense, sexy, complicated man. I have a thick FBI file that suggests he’s killed before, but I also see him helping junkies and debtors. The more time I put into my case, the closer I get to taking the whole family down… and to ending up in Denton’s bed.

Our chemistry becomes white-hot passion, and I find myself falling for Denton – even as I discover that he’s dead set on murdering a rival mobster. It’s a personal vendetta, revenge for the death of a girl who happens to look just like me… and Denton will not listen to my pleas for peace.

One minute, I’m in Denton’s arms, experiencing soul-deep love for the first time. The next, I’m trying to convince the FBI that my lover isn’t a cold-blooded killer.

My FBI bosses throw down the gauntlet. Bring in Denton and take down the mob, or lose the career I’ve worked toward for years.

It’s an impossible choice. How can I send Denton to jail, when I’ve already given him my body… and my heart?

More importantly, when my secrets are revealed, will I be strong enough to keep us both alive? Sometimes we must sacrifice what we truly love most, all in the name of REVENGE…

Revenge is a full standalone novel with a HEA and no cliffhangers.

As an added bonus, Revenge also includes a FREE copy of my previous novel Foster. Revenge finishes at about 50% on your kindle.