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Bad Boy's Secret: A British MMA Romance

Jessica Ashe

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My first glance at Elliot Michaels gives me chills.
Tall, ripped Brit. Fierce MMA fighter. Unrepentant bad boy. The accent, the swagger – yeah, he’s seriously bad news.

Elliot is the hottest man I’ve ever seen – but his life is about violence, and that scares me. I became a doctor to save lives, while Elliot hurts people. Add in his dark past, and all the secrets he's keeping… It draws me right to Elliot, like a moth to a flame.

When Elliot and I start working together, he’s impossible to resist. Soon I’m letting him lure me in, bit by bit. A kiss here, a touch there. I’m ashamed of how much his dominance turns me on, the way he masters my body with those big, strong hands…

Little does Elliot know, I’m keeping a secret of my own. No matter how good he makes me feel, he can’t protect me from everything. In the end, the weight of our secrets might be more than we can carry.

Too bad, because I think I’ve already given Elliot my heart…

Bad Boy's Secret is a standalone novel with a HEA

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