Escape: A Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance

by Jessica Ashe

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Here’s a tip: never let a guy like Caiden Ramsden into your bed.
Just because he’s hot as hell, arrogant, and ridiculously dominant doesn’t mean you should pick him as your one night stand… especially if that means giving up your v-card.

Because once Caiden is in your bed, he might not leave… and you might not want him to go.

Which would be really, really bad. Especially a few days later, when you find out that your dad is marrying Caiden’s mum. That’s right. Big, rugged, ridiculously sexy Caiden is going to be spending a lot more time around the house.

You won’t be able to stop lusting after him, even though it’s oh so wrong. And he’ll tease you and touch you and drive you crazy, knowing the whole while just how good he can make you feel.

Losing your v-card to Caiden is one thing, but giving him your heart? Telling him your deep, dark secrets? Now you’re just playing with fire, praying you don’t get burned…

Escape is a standalone novel with a HEA