Redemption: A British Stepbrother Romance

by Jessica Ashe

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Secrets are like cocky, arrogant jerks… sometimes they’re better left in the past.
I never thought I’d see Oliver Cornish again. Eight years back he chose rugby stardom over childish romance, and he left me in the dust.

Now I'm back in the UK, and Oliver wastes no time getting back in my life. My immediate thought is, never again. I already know his game, the one where he pulls me in and then leaves me in the cold.

The problem is, Oliver’s just so damned sexy and charming. He’s packing some serious heat, and he’s not afraid to tease me… or touch me… or make me call out his name in bed. It doesn’t take much for him to snare me again… or for Oliver’s secrets to start surfacing.

I’d better learn to watch my back, because our shared past is coming back with a vengeance. My heart’s in his hands, and all I can do is pray that this time Oliver is playing for keeps…

Redemption is a standalone novel with no cliffhanger and a HEA