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Crushed: The First Time Hurts ~ Dark Erotica

Q. Zayne

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The dirty edge, when you say yes to being overpowered because you want it that way, you want to be crushed under him. Hell, yes, you want to have his baby.
2 Risky First Times.... Yes, this is a scary-hot nasty book!
Forbidden love isn't always sparked by the man who is too close. Sometimes he's the one who's too dangerous.
These untouched heroines feel the power of a man who might be lethal. But what if he's her fated mate?

The stranger was so tall and so close I craned my neck to see him.
He stepped back. Golden light from the dying day hit him dead on.
“Oh!” I covered my mouth. He looked like an ad for menswear for a super expensive magazine, or someone you’d see on the cover of an adventure novel: strong, tanned face, crinkles around the eyes — outrageous eyes the color of the sea when it’s that unbelievable blue-green that looks like it goes on right to the bottom where the treasure ships wait.
His thick beard made him timeless, like a ship’s captain from another century. The pure masculinity of it drew my eyes, and it seduced me into imagining his mouth and chin naked, the way a striptease artist plays on what’s hidden more than on what’s revealed.
Damn, he looked fine. All big, muscular shoulder, open-collared linen shirt with the sleeves rolled up over cords of arm muscle, pale jeans rolled up on strong, hairy calves. And clinging, those worn-to-hell perfect jeans gripped his meaty thighs, big package and the muscular cuts on his hips that framed his happy trail. Damn. The man was porno on feet.
I closed my mouth. Glanced away. Had to be a hallucination. Glanced back. Still there. Still hot.

The heroines include a BBW and a recently curvy girl. The men are older and powerful in ways the girls don't understand yet. Trigger warning for dysfunctional relationships, punishment, and scary situations. All characters are consenting adults over 18 and readers should be, too. Click buy and get two hot New Adult paranormal erotica novellas.

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