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Plucked: Unprotected Fairy Tale Erotica

Q. Zayne

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Dark, dirty short fantasies! Alpha princes, ravaging shifters and gang action for your favorite fairy tale heroines. They're all grownup now, of age, and two of them are voluptuous curvy girls.
The big bad wolf, three werebears, tough bikers and Black ex-cons enjoy claiming delicious, innocent young women for a rough first time and getting nasty.

I put my big calloused hand on her arm, noticed the motorcycle grease under my nails, but I had to see if she felt as soft and luscious as she looked. Only touching her arm, respectful-like, and I got zapped with such a charge from her body I felt like I’d put my paw down on a live wire. But I stood there smiling, looking down into her face like I was all human and didn’t mind how this innocent young woman gave me a high-amped jolt while we stood at a sidewalk cafe surrounded by her kind. Gave her arm a little squeeze and asked her name.
“Goldy.” Voice like the creek chortling in its joy of running over the rocks as we drank.
“Beautiful.” I spoke low. I meant it. Not only her name, her. Everything about her from her cute shoes and the skirt swirling around her and the sweater hugging her bountiful bosom to her dimples and those full, soft lips that looked like they’d turn red when kissed, no cosmetics required.
I stood real close, breathing her in. Watched how her eyes lit up as she looked me up and down, down and up. Checking out my big boots, my leathers, my big hands. My Harley parked behind me. Her pupils got huge, and she licked her lips and started playing with her hair.

Plucked contains four complete short stories. There are no cliffhangers. All characters are over 18. These dirty adult fairy tales are for mature readers 18+. They contain BDSM, detailed sex, untouched heroines, hot princesses and BBWs, group scenes: MMMF, FMMMMMMM and kink. There are some HEAs, but this hard and unprotected erotic fantasy collection is not suited for anyone easily triggered or offended. Adventurous readers, click Buy to get Plucked and enjoy!

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