Gabe: The Billionaires Club Books 1-5

by Q. Zayne

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New Release—The first five smoldering episodes of The Billionaires Club in one volume— available for a limited time only.
On Gabe’s island, billionaires from all over the world decide the fates of desperate girls. Each twisted show features one young woman who consents to perform unprotected acts for the men. Their auctions and special games determine how far she has to go and with how many rough hunks. She won’t say no, because Gabe knows what she needs most and will give it to her. After she performs.
Gabe’s timeless fatherly masculinity and psychic powers make it easy for him to get past each beauty’s inhibitions. But not all of the women surrender the way he expects.
Too much loss, and too much power, can twist a man. Yet there’s still a tender core. And women are far from powerless, even on Gabe’s island.
If you like dark erotica, BDSM, age difference, group action, interracial love—and the places where the veils between worlds grow thin, you’ll love Q. Zayne’s wicked hot Gabe.