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Accidental Detective - Book 3: Amateur Womens Sleuth Series

Kate Benitez

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Sexy and Romantic Mystery!
Determined to put her hot, but brief tryst with Leo behind her, Anneliese is back in the dating game. A distraction from the sexual tension that still hangs tantalizingly in the air between them.

But when the LM Agency is presented with a case of personal interest to both of them, they must put their undeniable chemistry aside to prove the innocence of a close friend and discover the identity of the real culprit.

Eager to suppress her feelings for Leo and with her eye on solving the case, Anneliese unsuspectingly puts herself in danger with an attractive, yet mysterious man.

Will this investigation make Leo wake up to his insatiable desire for Anneliese, or will their relationship crash onto the rocks?

Find out in the fun and flirty third installment of this romantic female private detective series!

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