Accidental Detective - Book 5: Amateur Womens Sleuth Series by Kate Benitez on Booksprout

Accidental Detective - Book 5: Amateur Womens Sleuth Series

Kate Benitez

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Sizzling Hot Women Sleuths Series!
Private detectives, Leo and Anneliese, love the thrill of the investigation. They take on the strangest of cases for Boston’s rich and famous. No one can outwit them for long.

Hired by some of Leo’s old friends to pose as a couple at an exclusive Martha’s Vineyard beach retreat has got to be one of their most intense cases yet, and Anneliese's female sleuth skills are put to the test again.

But things take an unexpected turn when they are both forced to confront their feelings... and their past. Can they put it behind them and solve the crime?

If you love amateur sleuth romantic mysteries with a happy ending, you'll love Accidental Detective!

General Mysteries Women's Fiction Erotic Romance
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