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Dragon Blues

Ophelia Bell

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One of six immortal dragons, Blue Dragon Belah seeks one more chance at love after a heartbreaking mistake that took millennia to recover from. Wary of venturing into the world again, she takes the chance, leaving her sanctuary to find a worthy mate among one of the dragons’ three sister races and hoping her dark secret won’t come back to haunt her.

Lukas and Iszak North have managed to stick to the fringes of the world for two hundred years. Plagued by regrets after their enemy murdered their sister decades earlier, they finally hope to find happiness when when a beautiful female dragon walks into their lives. Their race of falcon shifters has only one mate for life—one look at Belah and both North brothers know she’s their One.

But Belah has more than one dark secret, and her quest goes far beyond simply finding love. She’s lost so much, but so have the two men who can’t help but love her. Centuries of buried animosity blaze forth when they learns Belah’s secrets, threatening to ruin the first true love the three of them have found in several lifetimes.

When her past rears its ugly head, all three learn there is more at stake than love, and an even darker compromise to make if they want to keep the love they have.

Paranormal Romance Dark Erotica

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