Halfway to Creepy: A Collection of Bizarre Short Stories

by Anthony Mays

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This book is a collection of bizarre, short stories that stem from my childhood memories of watching too many Alfred Hitchcock movies and Twilight Zone episodes. You may find there is a certain familiarity about them from your own experiences. There seems to be little distinction between the definitions of horror and creepy, but I believe horror is more imagery, whereas, creepy is more imagination. I also classify these stories as psychological thrillers, which often overlaps with the elements of mystery and horror. What I hope I achieved with these stories was to stimulate your imagination sufficiently to allow your mind to fill in those blank areas where I purposefully did not detail a scene or conclusion.
I wrote these stories between the writings of my novels as a way to keep my skills fresh. If you find that you enjoyed any of these stories, I invite you to try one of my thriller novels.