Halfway to Uncertainty

by Anthony Mays

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Dwight Morris and his boyhood friend, Colin, formed a business partnership that quickly made them millions. On a vacation fishing trip to Miami, Colin unwittingly came into possession of Colombian drug cartel financial matters which eventually led to his death. Unbeknownst to Dwight, Colin had used his computer skills to encode the cartel's information and attach it to their company software. With cartel operatives in hot pursuit, Dwight found himself caught up in a twist of fate that threatened to ruin his company unless he followed the instructions of a mysterious benefactor. Uncertainty thrived in every move Dwight made. After going on a maddening run throughout the United States, he finally got to meet his supporter. They teamed up to try and break the code that Colin so cleverly hid and soon learned they were in competition with the cartel trying to recover their information. Realizing they were in over their heads, they had no choice but to partner with an investigator of the United States Treasury.