Marked By Desire - The Complete Series

by Jamie Garrett

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Marked By Desire - The Complete Series. Five full length novels, PLUS includes full length book Dark Secret (DARC Ops #1) for a limited time. Get it before it disappears!

Book 1
Hannah Mitchell is happy with life. Her boss at the bakery is a sweetheart, and some of the regular customers have even become friends.

Luke Blake loves being a U.S. Marshal. Keeping witnesses safe gave him a purpose and kept his mind busy. He wasn't lonely, just dedicated. But sometimes, he wasn't sure if even he bought that.

Then one morning Hannah walks into work and enters a nightmare. Witnessing the murder of your boss by the mob will do that. At first the police are suspicious of her, but after she's pulled out under gunfire, Hannah becomes Luke's to watch over.

Can he keep her hidden, keep her safe? Luke knows what happens when you make a case personal, but Hannah might just be worth the risk.

Book 2
Luke and Hannah thought their problems were over, or at least on hold. Messorelli was dead, and they had started a new life together.

Luke returns one day from a coffee run, the first time in months he's left Hannah alone, and finds the store empty. She's gone, and in her place is a note with just three words - I have her.

It turns out dead might not really mean gone forever. At least, not when you don't find the body.

Can Luke find Hannah, and rescue her from Messorelli? A hitman bent on payback before finally killing them both?

Book 3
Hannah is scared and tired of running. When she’s offered a chance to end it all she has to take it. Even if it means sneaking away in the middle of the night from the one man who’s always protected her. A note left resting on his gun - 'You’ll forgive me and I’ll see you again. I love you.'

Luke would do anything for Hannah, including walking into the lion's den in her place. But he can't. Thanks to the mole, Borteli knows exactly who he is. This time, he needs to let Hannah find her own way, however much it's killing him to let her go.

Can Hannah convince the man in charge that she's turning her back on the law, on Luke, and is willing to make a deal with the devil himself to gain her freedom? Or will he see straight through her?

Book 4
Sometimes, there's no escaping your past. A fact that Sera is suddenly well aware of, as she stares into the face of the man who was like a father to her. Until the first time he threatened to kill her.

Back in New York, Joey is frantic. He's only just found Sera again. Now she's disappeared from the hospital, and it's obvious she didn't just check herself out. Even her own brother can't - or won't - tell Joey where she's gone.

With Luke's help, he traces Sera to where she grew up in New Orleans, and he's determined to bring her home. To make her his again, for good.

But what ghosts of the past are haunting Sera and will Joey become the latest casualty of a history Sera may never be able to escape?

Book 5
FBI agent Jessica Rosen's life is focused on one thing, her job. So what if her partner just requested a transfer. Again. She knew since childhood that she was destined for a life in law enforcement. But then tragedy struck, leaving her with overwhelming grief and a new mission.

Dallas Marks is the FBI agent that every man wants to work with and every woman wants to be with. Despite his reputation as a bit of a player, he's a genuine good guy and straight as an arrow. But, no one knows the full horror of what he’s endured, and continues to live through as he fights for revenge in secret. Though lately he’s felt like someone is watching him, even as he hunts his prey.

Jessica's boss pulls her aside and drops a bombshell. There's a mole in the FBI, and the suspect is her new partner. They’re convinced he’s dirty and it’s her job to prove it. Her new partner's name? Special Agent Dallas Marks.