The Beginning of the End: Zombie Zero: The Short Stories Vol. 2

by J.K. Norry

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Hope dwindles as the world dies...

Prologue Prequel is a memory from the mind of a certain general that first encountered zombies years ago. When a top secret experiment goes horribly wrong, only he stands between the world and outbreak.

John's Stones are his last chance at redeeming himself. Caught between the world of humans and the mind of the monster, John might be able to make a difference; or he may be throwing stones at a hurricane.

Tina's Bedside has become a place for her husband to sit and watch her grow old. The zombie apocalypse requires his attention more than she does, and Tina finds her own grim solution to the problem.

The Beginning of the End is the second volume in the Zombie Zero short story collection. It details the events preceding humanity's last stand against the cataclysm documented in Zombie Zero: The First Zombie.