The Sickness Spreads: Zombie Zero: The Short Stories Vol. 1 by J.K. Norry on Booksprout

The Sickness Spreads: Zombie Zero: The Short Stories Vol. 1

J.K. Norry

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As the world gasps its last breath...

Crystal's Cough has been getting steadily worse since she first felt it tickle the back of her throat. She had dreamed of going to Africa her whole life; now Crystal just hopes to survive the flight home.

Barbara's Trip can not end soon enough, in her opinion. She travels a lot for work to build a life and a future with her husband. While Barbara is busy making other plans, the sickness begins to spread.

Stan's Sniffles have kept him home from work for awhile now. It's time to share his secret, and accept some changes, and Stan knows it. What he doesn't know is that the whole world is about to change as well.

The Sickness Spreads is the first volume in the Zombie Zero short story collection. It tells the tales of three lives that were changed forever by the ancient apocalypse documented in Zombie Zero: The First Zombie. 

General Horror
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