Monstrous Consequences: Zombie Zero: The Short Stories Vol. 5

by J.K. Norry

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When polite society becomes a thing of the past…

Ian’s Shame has become his whole life. He used to be a pretty stand-up guy, until he got hurt. After the pain went away, Ian kept trying to get more pain pills. You should see who he hangs out with now.

Michelle’s Luck has kept her alive through the looting and the chaos. Now that the monsters have crossed the pond, can it help her survive the zombie apocalypse? Michelle is hoping so; it’s all she has left.

Monster Break-up might be a good metaphor for many ugly separations. In Allen’s case, both the monster and the separation are quite literal. It’s time he learns that zombie love is seldom a sweet entanglement.

Monstrous Consequences is the fifth volume in the Zombie Zero short story collection. It details the events of the first outbreak in Europe during the global disaster documented in Zombie Zero: The First Zombie.