by Adam Vine

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Drew Brady never wanted the power to spy on his friends. But moving away to college didn't change his life the way he planned. He's still just the funny fat friend, the only member of his friend group who's still a virgin. It doesn't help that he's hopelessly in love with his best friend, an obsession Drew must keep hidden deep inside.

But late one night Drew finds a box of old pictures buried in the basement of his college house. The pictures change in Drew's hands, showing him whatever he wishes to see. Suddenly Drew has the power to watch his friends during their most private moments. Gruesome visions of the students who lived at the house twenty years prior, and the fates they met after moving out, assail his waking dreams. Drew begins to suspect there is something lurking under the house that is manipulating him through the pictures, a not-quite-dead thing that feeds off depression and weakness, which will drive him to do unspeakable evil if he doesn't look away...

An edge-of-your-seat page-turner, LURK is thrilling horror unlike anything you've ever read.