Plowed in the Park: Straight to Gay, First Time Gay, MM Forced Erotica

by Sophia Frank

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Tom is 6 foot 4 inches tall. A straight college football player who wanted to go pro but who didn't quite have the chops, he's now out in San Francisco trying to prove his worth in a new arena. His jawline is a perfect square, with the strong features, pink plump lips and thick eyebrows of a young man who could be easily mistaken for an Abercrombie Fitch model.The bartender is a tall mysterious African American gay man with extraordinary blue eyes. He’s 7 feet tall and has biceps bigger than most people’s thighs. His voice rumbles when he talks. He's thick and huge ... almost too thick and too huge for most men. Ghosted by a first date at a bar, Tom's one too many drinks in nursing his wounds when he realizes he doesn't have enough money to pay.The bad boy gay bartender - who loves reluctant sex and first time gay men - has other plans for how Tom can pay him back.And it's when Tom is settling his debt with the bartender in the woods that a cop catches them in the act, then reluctantly makes them agree to join in for a threesome that's so hot and heavy with BDSM that they'll remember it for the ages.