Barely Willing: Paranormal Gay Forced Milking, Straight to Gay, MM Reluctant Erotica

by Sophia Frank

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Nick is a young straight man with model good looks. He also just happened to graduate from Harvard with a double major in Physics and American History. His rare combination of booksmarts and athletic abilities made him the desire of nearly every woman and man on campus. When he graduated, they threw a bon voyage party exclusively to Nick’s ass.His beautiful girlfriend, Tessa, wants Nick to come with him to Bali to celebrate their graduation - and freedom - with some surf and sun. But Nick doesn't feel liberated. He feels lost. So he decides to go on a solo camping trip to find himself instead.It's when Nick’s alone in the wilderness that he encounters his first alien - a tall, handsome being named Gorlich that's been sent to find Nick and milk him for his seed whether he likes it or not. Will Nick reluctantly submit to Gorlich and his BDSM tastes? And if Nick does give in, what does Gorlich - the tall, freakishly strong alien with a sexual appetite that hasn’t been satisfied in millennia - have planned for Nick who has never been with a man before?