Sharing the Coquette: The Greatwood Heiress #3 by Juno North on Booksprout

Sharing the Coquette: The Greatwood Heiress #3

Juno North

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Many men want her.She wants them all. Beautiful and wealthy, Arabella, the heiress to the estate of Greatwood, appears to be the perfect Victorian lady. But the corset and crinoline hide a sensual nature, greedy for all the pleasures of the world—and determined to test her suitors’ prowess before she decides on one.Arabella has put one suitor to the test--but she is by no means done. She continues on her adventures, learning what it is to be served and to be seen, and, with her next suitor, a man open of mind and generous of heart, learns what it is to be shared and filled in entirely new ways...

Dark Erotica Erotic Romance
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