Code Red: Sci-Fi Action Adventure

by John Minx

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When Two Stand Alone...Young hacker, Jacob Wylde, is plagued by strange visions which haunt his dreams and hint at a mysterious destiny. Caught red-handed with US military designs, he is sent to PROPS, a top secret research facility where a handful of cyber criminals are trained for active duty. Here Jacob meets Rebecca Kent, a committed hacktivist with secrets of her own and a burning desire to escape.As their relationship grows, dark forces are already at work, plotting the pair’s ultimate destruction. And once this attack is underway, the two of them are forced headlong into a deadly race against time...The first in an ongoing series, Book 2 is scheduled for release in October 2016, with Book 3 penciled in for early next year (available again through Kindle and Kindle Unlimited). "A great debut novel; it has intrigue, compelling characters and romance."  - Jude Livingston"The plot itself is very strong, taking surprising twists and turns all the way through. There is one moment in particular that was a huge shock for me but I won't spoil!" - Time To Shine "Good characters, exciting plot and believable technology. Fast paced with just enough twists and turns to keep you guessing." - Amazon Reviewer An explosive thrill ride taking in the in the mountains of North Carolina, the frozen wastes of the South Atlantic, the wilds of Ireland, and the streets of Washington DC, Code Red bridges the gap between YA and New Adult, Paranormal Romance and Hard SciFi. Creating a world where anything is possible and then racing through it at breakneck speed. .