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Deep Spiral: Science Fiction Action Adventure for All Ages

John Minx

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Bridging Two Planets To Save One LifeAfter a brief spell of rest, Jacob and Becca set out on a fact finding mission to the Amazon jungle, accepting an invite from Russian Tech Billionaire, Krystof Rogozin. But it's a tropical journey which soon spins out of control, setting in motion a runaway drama with enormous consequences. One which unearths the facts about Jacob's true identity, even as it forces him to make use of his strange powers like never before.With the action moving from the far North of Brazil to the regal splendor of the Hotel Adlon in Berlin, all is not what it seems, and Jacob must navigate his path through a landscape of smoke and mirrors as he copes with more than one master of deceit. The stakes rising by the second before reaching their climax in the high mountains of Kazakhstan, where the young man's destiny at last becomes doubtless, with huge implications for Planet Earth as a whole.And for a free 11,000 word story about Kuba, the Artificial Intelligence featured in this novel, please refer to the back pages and join the John Minx mailing list.

General Science Fiction General Action & Adventure Teen and Young Adult
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