Tempting the Biker:

by Amber Burns

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“Stay with me tonight.”Sweet and sheltered Brittany still lives at home while attending law school at Columbia. While many would describe her as smart, sweet, beautiful and caring; adventurous is not one of her defining traits. That is, until she meets fighter, biker and all around manly man, Chris at his bar/restaurant The Grudge.Riding through the city on his bike, the long haired, tattoo covered Chris would cause the "gentler" folk to move to the inside of the sidewalk. Despite his tough exterior, Chris has a few things he cares deeply about: his bike, his restaurant and (once he lays eyes on her) Brittany.This is a HOT and STEAMY romantic novella with a HAE ending and NO CLIFFHANGER. It features a macho alpha male who falls instantly and deeply in love with the woman of his dreams, and will do anything he can to ensure she becomes his.