The Heart of a Hero:

by Amber Burns

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After a botched raid in Afghanistan, ex-Army specialist Michel Deverroux returned to Galveston Texas with more baggage than intended. Without family, friends or money, Michel turned to drugs to relieve the horrors of war. He knew it was a dark path, but he saw no other choice. Michel was awash in a world of numbness and addiction until his estranged uncle Andy died, leaving Michel a run down beach front home and hefty inheritance. With something to finally call his own in the world, a spark of hope returns to Michel's life; a spark which is ignited when he sees a somber, yet beautiful woman walking along the beach. Michel falls instantly in love with her and nicknames her his 'Mermaid'. Now determined to be a man that his new love would want to be with, Michel vows to turn his life around and win over his 'Mermaid', Annabelle. Overcoming the shadows of his past seems nearly impossible, but the drive to have Annabelle gives Michel the motivation to overcome his demons.************This is a HOT and STEAMY full length stand alone bad-boy romance novel with a HAE and NO CLIFFHANGER. Michel is a dark, sweet and SEXY hero with a big heart.