by Chris Lowry

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Brill Wingfield is just seventeen when he's recruited by a future President to spy on an exchange student's Prime Minister father in South Africa.

But when the daughter and Brill are kidnapped and tortured by Angolan rebels, all bets are off. When he witnesses the death of his young girlfriend, Brill joins with the band of mercenaries who rescued them to exact revenge.

He's conscripted in without any training and learns what it takes to survive in the jungles of war torn Africa at the hands of South African Recces. When his inexperience causes a good man to die, Brill is faced with a choice, go back to America still broken or stay in South African to learn how to be a better killer.

For anyone who read SHADOWBOXER or DECREED and wondered the origin story of Brill, this is it.

A young exchange student playing at being a spy, caught in circumstances much bigger than he can imagine and witness to some of the most atrocious horrors committed in the history of the dark continent.

He emerged from the ashes of that ruin one of the best killing instruments ever created, but he needs to hone his skill and learn how to play by the rules of civilized society.

Check out RENDER where Brill is handed over to the CIA and brought back home to face the newly elected President after everyone thought he died in Africa.