Doing a Rock Star

by Alexa Banger

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When Zoe finds out her favorite band is coming to town, she is excited beyond words. Jared, the sexy lead singer, has a reputation for liking it rough, and his oversized package has supposedly never left a woman unsatisfied. Hoping to confirm the rumors for herself, Zoe hatches a plan to meet up with him after the concert.Not only does Zoe succeed in getting close to the band, she even manages to secure an invitation onto their tour bus—from Jared himself!But Zoe’s best friend, Abby, has doubts. She sees danger where Zoe sees fun and excitement. Can Zoe convince her friend that this is a good idea, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Or will Zoe miss out on the dominant alpha male rock star that she’s been lusting after for years?