Totally Coached: A Taboo First Time Romance Novel

by Belinda LaPage

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When Margy’s own family fell apart, Emily and Coach were there, and they brought her up as one of their own. Now nineteen years old, petite, and svelte, Margy is spreading her wings and wants some sizzling photos to post online, so she turns to the man of the house for help. Playing the director, Coach quickly warms to the task, telling her how the camera loves her slim body, and all the sexy things she can do in the photos to make a man’s heart melt. Margy can feel the heat washing off him in waves, and she experiences a raw, taboo lust posing and undressing for the only man in the world she must never want. It’s so forbidden, it’s intoxicating, and there’s no telling the things she might allow herself to do, but only if he asks. Her carnal urges wage a pitched battle against civilized principles, pushing her to play ever riskier games versus Coach’s willpower.

Can she walk the tightrope of her forbidden desires? And what of Coach, a powerful, virile man in the prime of life? A man with needs and desires of his own. If she pushes him too far, will he even give her a choice?

Inexperienced, innocent, and unprotected. Margy is Totally Coached.