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John Rals isn't an immortal vampire, but he plays one on TV and his real life is even better. He's got the money, the hot rockstar boyfriend, and if his award collection gets any larger, he's going to need a bigger penthouse apartment. A near-fatal injury in the prime of his career results in a bizarre case of mistaken identity and he wakes up convinced that he's really Carter, a long-forgotten character from his early career.

Confused and alienated from his own life, John turns to the only person who seems to remember Carter. Aiden might be a crazy fan, but his letters soon become John's only tether to a world everyone else has forgotten. Can a fictional character and a formerly obsessed fanboy create something real together, or will John's past come back to haunt them both?

Warning: Contains explicit M/M sexual content and violence.

LGBT Romance LGBT Contemporary Romance
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Verified ARC Reader

Sweet romance dealing with some tough subject matter...

by Sk

I wasn't sure what I was expecting, never having read this author before. The story of John (Carter) and Aiden flew by as I found myself quietly engrossed. I really enjoyed the side characters - Nat and Jenna were supportive without being too good to be true; Dustin was a bit of a caricature baddie but a good one; the people in Aiden's town were actually really sweet in how they cared about him.

The subject matter including mental health and child abuse were handled well - there was nothing gratuitous about it, and as someone who has experience of mental health issues it was nice to read a book that didn't make 'normal' crazy into 'lock me up and throw away the key' crazy.

The romance was maybe a little rushed, although not insta-love as the letters were used as a great 'getting to know you' technique. There weren't many sex scenes between the MCs, and the first time they get together did make me wince a little. I understand not wanting to ruin the flow of things, but stopping for lubricant would have made me a little happier with how that went.

I like how the story was wrapped up. They weren't each other's happy ever after - they worked out their own for themselves then came together to share which was lovely. Very romantic story, possibly reminding me of stories I used to read when I was younger albeit a little more explicit. Will be checking out more stories by the author.

Warnings : on page sex between MC and other characters; derogatory speech about mental health issues; mental health issues; child abuse - off page.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review via Booksprout.