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Laid Bear

Marina Maddix

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Can the curvy girl get the hot werebear guy? Hell yeah!

Curvy girl Bethany Mills can't believe her good fortune when her new neighbor turns out to be devastatingly hot. But someone that gorgeous could never fall for someone like her…could he? A charming personality and appreciation for sappy music aren't the only things Maximilian Pearce is hiding, and just when Bethany thinks she might get her very own happily ever after, a shocking revelation forces her to make a heartbreaking choice.

Laid Bear is the first book in the Laid Bear series from New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Marina Maddix. It can be read on its own, but if you like it, you'll also want to read the novel-length sequels, Laid Bear: The Kodiak Clan and Bearly Hanging On, both of which are available on Amazon:

Laid Bear: The Kodiak Clan ~
Bearly Hanging On ~

Paranormal Romance
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