Hunter: MC Romance (Hell Reapers #1)

by Liz K. Lorde

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Trouble swaggers in black leather, and a happy ending never comes easy.

I'd been abused too long, had to leave the man that made my skin crawl with fear. With my mother dying, I'll have to take an undercover job that I never wanted. They always told me working for the paper had its perks, somehow I doubt they had this in mind.
Infiltrate a brotherhood of badass bikers? Not a problem. Fall for a rugged, tatted up outlaw who'd kill me if he knew my secrets? Sh*t. Get mixed up with a rival gang; have my life put into question, escape the wrath of my unstable ex and still make it home in time to feed my dog?
Well, even I can admit when I'm in over my head.

Business as usual for me; moving product, keeping the gritty underworld in check. This was my life, and I held the world by the balls with my brothers at my side. Still, the vote to get me patched in hasn't passed - now I have to figure out what's holding me back.
The answers I never knew I needed hit me like a ton of bricks, when that gorgeous girl showed up. She's got a mouth on her, and a temper to match the devil. I keep telling myself she'll be another notch on my post.
But I can already feel it. That thorn in my chest that won't go away, for the first time in my life I felt helpless. F*ck.
She doesn't know it, but I'll make her mine. I'll claim and ravage her sweet body, until there's no doubt that I own her.

HUNTER is a full length, 100K word, two-scoops of panty melting HEA goodness, bona-fide bad-boy romance. There are NO cliffhangers, and plenty of steam.