Rebound Revival: A Novella

by Jerica MacMillan

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What do you do when your one-night stand turns out to be your new boss?

Leaving behind her cheating ex-boyfriend in Chicago, Cate takes a job at a vineyard in a small town in southeastern Washington, looking for a fresh start. After meeting a sexy stranger at the winery’s tasting room, she takes him up on his offer to walk her back to her hotel, and gets treated to the best night of her life.

Max, disappointed that Cate didn’t call after their night together, is thrilled to discover that she is the new events coordinator at his vineyard. Intrigued by this beautiful, self-contained woman, he is determined to draw her out of her shell and get her to open up to him outside of the bedroom as well as inside.

Will Max be able to overcome Cate’s distrust? Or will her ex’s infidelity make it impossible for her to trust a man again?