Survival Island: Last Man Standing

by Anya Merchant

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The vacation was supposed to be Cyrus’s grand reward for graduating high school, a chance for him to blow off some serious steam. Joined by his brother Darius, Darius’s girlfriend, Maggie, Cyrus’s best friend, Peter, and his childhood friend, Amy, he sets off across the Pacific to a tropical paradise.

What Cyrus wasn’t expecting was for the plane to crash over the ocean, validating all of his silly, overblown fears about flying. He wasn’t expecting to have to trek across a desert island, identifying corpses and searching for his lost friends. And he certainly wasn’t expecting tiny bikinis, big breasts, and a severe imbalance in the gender ratio of the survivors.

Desperation brings out people’s deepest, darkest desires, and with the group losing certainty of a quick rescue, physical and emotional needs have to be met. Cyrus knows that he can lead the group forward, but will he be able to do it while resisting forbidden temptation around every corner?

WARNING: This book contains explicit sexual content, gratuitous violence, and adult situations (including infidelity). Reader discretion is advised.