Sirens of Faldion: The Final Bond

by Anya Merchant

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Centuries have passed since the realm of Faldion’s last great war. All of the provinces live under a tenuous peace agreement achieved through the magical domination of the immortal spirit sirens, seven mysterious and formidable women with powers that bring them to the precipice of godhood. They’re soul bound to obey the commands of a few select mortals, living as weapons as much as people. Only the One Master, Faldion’s elusive and enigmatic patriarch, can match their strength.

Wars are started and ended by the sirens. Men are seduced and betrayed at their whim. The realm hangs in a delicate balance with all of them leaning on the scale.

Kai is just a simple slave from a forgotten kingdom, trying to scrape out an existence while protecting his sole friend, Selene. Through no intention of his own, he makes a discovery that will forever change the course of the realm’s history.

WARNING: This book contains explicit sexual content, gratuitous violence, and adult situations (including infidelity). Reader discretion is advised.