Note To Self: A Steamy Tale Of Lesbian Discovery

by Belinda LaPage

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Sparks fly when straight moms Anna and Susan meet for the first time. They're both petite and feminine, but Anna is exotically gorgeous with Mediterranean skin and mahogany eyes, while Susan is a prim and elegant yummy mommy who is blissfully unaware of the stolen glimpses she offers at her silky underwear.Anna had never felt so wet! How did we even come to be undressed? And the touching!It had all started out all innocent, but when Susan removed her bra, everything changed. Anna had never been attracted to another woman, but now she couldn't look away. And nor did she want to! There was something deeply magnetic about sexy Susan, perhaps her alabaster skin or her perky bust, maybe it was sassy bounce of her silky blonde hair. All Anna knew was that for the first time ever, she longed for the touch – and the taste! – of another woman.Confused, her mind spinning, Anna misses the chance to bury herself in Susan's soft, feminine curves. But when she's offered a second chance – an opportunity to explore Susan's ripe body in the consequence-free safety of a lucid dream – she seizes it and opens herself completely those knowing fingers and the sensual warmth of her womanly lips and tongue.Sapphic Letters is an epic tale of unexpected lesbian romance. It’s the story of a chance spark that kindles into bi-curiosity and transforms the lives of two straight women. Through three scorching books, we see them try to first deny their fantasies, then accept, and finally embrace the explosive, Sapphic lust that threatens to consume them.