Hypnotryst: A Sizzling First Time Lesbian Romance

by Belinda LaPage

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Prim and pretty Susan needs help to deal with anxiety. The episodes seem to happen after going out with the girls – beautiful women, dressed for fun with their short skirts and spike heels, their lips and nails painted in stunningly erotic shades of red. Susan is straight and sensible though, and she has no idea what triggers the anxiety ... but psychiatrist Dr Tamara Watkins does. Tamara thinks hypnosis might help in the search for Susan’s repressed sexuality, but nothing could have prepared her for what she would find when Susan went under.It was the forgotten memory of Susan’s first time. Laying back with her eyes closed and waiting for her boyfriend to finish, she feels a new presence, another woman in the bed, soft lips and caressing fingers that know exactly where to touch, driving her to insane heights far beyond anything she could imagine with a man.Retelling (no, reliving!) the story is a powerful aphrodisiac, and while Susan of yesteryear melts beneath the tender lips of the stranger, hypnotized Susan reenacts every electric touch beneath her sensible skirt, teasing and delving, driving her poor therapist into a volcanic lather, desperate for her own release. She’s asleep – would she even notice if I …? Probably not. Just a little touch, then.