Friend Me: A Scorching First Time Lesbian Romance

by Belinda LaPage

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The Sapphic spark from when Anna and Susan first met has now kindled into a white heat that dominates their thoughts and dreams. Anna doesn’t know it, but they want the same thing – the feeling of another woman, touching, tasting, discovering new ways to fit together their sleek feminine curves – yet neither can confess to the need that smolders within.The embers spark and flare at a house party; left alone for only a few minutes Anna takes a chance and brings Susan to a shuddering, trembling peak … and then they’re interrupted! Thwarted, frustrated, and not knowing how to tell their husbands, they retreat to the internet and separately they pour out their emotions to strangers.By chance, they reconnect in cyberspace, however Susan doesn’t recognize the woman at the other end of her chat line, and she uses the safety of anonymity to unburden her pent up desires. Together they live an erotic, online fantasy, a Sapphic spa weekend. Teasing and stripping in the massage room, tender kisses and secret touches in the float pool, and hours of tantric, frantic, buildup to the main event in their suite. Together and alone at last, the star-crossed lovers indulge all of the lesbian fantasies that burn inside them – shaving, tasting, and grinding their smooth, sleek forms in a magical and stunningly erotic first time.