Illusions: Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance

by Carina Wilder

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Serafina lives near Salem, Massachusetts. The only problem is that she happens to live in the era of Witch Hunts. Oh, and she also happens to belong to the Sisterhood, a group of impressive women who are skilled in the ways of magic, who are linked to animal Familiars and who have largely shunned men for centuries. But when Rohan and Paxx walk into her life, the world she's always known is thrown into turmoil. And life only becomes more complicated when the Guild kidnaps her younger sister, Circe, intending to use her for their own purposes.Rohan has always had an adventurous side. Of course, for a man like him, that means traveling through time and getting himself into a mountain of trouble.Paxx is a man who's always lived up to his name: kind, peaceful, generous. But the Guild has claimed him as one of their own, dictating how his life will go. But his heart has other plans. When he meets the woman he's meant to mate with, things change.Instinct and animal magnetism vs. magic and tradition. Which will win out?This is a standalone novel, approximately 70,000 words. If you'd sooner avoid steamy scenes and naked, sexy males, you might want to shy away.