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My Man of the House: Taboo Billionaire First Time

Q. Zayne

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I have to have him, no matter what.
We're too close, so what I feel for him is wrong. Even though we're close by marriage, not blood. Wrong, dirty wrong, that’s what people will say.
Crossing a line like this ripples out into your whole life.

I shouldn’t tease the billionaire man of the house. But I don’t mean for anything bad to happen. I just want that tender, kind, powerful, hunk to belong to me. I want to be his in the deepest way.
But I'm not ready for how dangerous our secret might be.

My Man of the House—Taboo Billionaire First Time is rated Mature 18+ for sexual content, language and adult themes. All characters are unrelated consenting adults over 18. It contains Secret Sunshine and Hidden Sunshine, originally published as singles.
This book is BDSM in the sense of role play and power play, with a mild dominant - submissive dynamic. No punishment, spanking, bondage, name calling or toys are involved.
This is intimate, one-on-one forbidden love with no cheating. Contents may be triggering for some readers.

My Man of the House is novella length. It's a short, dirty book. The book includes brief bonus excerpts from Innocent Captive and Sold.


Dark Erotica Erotic Romance Romantic Suspense
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