Bound Capture ~ The Billionaires Club 4 & 5

by Q. Zayne

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Gabe hasn’t recovered from losing his fiance to a car bomb meant for him. Because of his overwhelming numbness, the damaged billionaire created an exclusive island club catering to extreme sexual tastes for the world’s most powerful men. Mastering a woman in need helps him feel alive. Imagine it: All you have to do to have Gabe change your life forever is surrender to intense sexual acts and public submission. Or try to keep the billionaires from catching you as they track you all over his island like prey.

As I approached, Gabe looked up from a newspaper. He could have been in a movie set in any era with his well-cut European suit, white shirt, the dove silk tie patterned in turquoise Egyptian eyes that matched his, one long leg resting at the ankle across the other. My favorite actors from old Hollywood crossed my mind. He had that ease, the confidence and charisma that good actors project, and the basic, unbeaten masculinity of an earlier time. I could love him.
I stopped the thought, stopped mid-stride. Gabe was a stranger. I had to stop mooning like a school girl.
He rose from the club chair and smiled down at me. “An enchanting transformation.” He gave me his arm.
Shaking inside, I took it. His arm felt warm and muscular. Whatever he did, this man didn’t sit at a desk all day. His narrow waist told of an active life. I glanced away from the bulge below his belt. His close presence burned me. He exuded a light forest scent and his own male essence. Intoxicating.

If you enjoy dark fantasy and intense, dark erotica, you’ll love these episodes of The Billionaires Club.
Both novella-length episodes are standalones featuring untouched heroines. No cliffhangers.
Note: This book is not suited to people who are easily offended. This is not a romance. It’s a dirty book. The episodes have scorching fast love with HEAs, but these scary-hot novellas are for adventurous readers only. Trigger warnings for fetishes, gyno, BDSM, unprotected interracial group action, fertility play and other edgy things.
Originally published as The Billionaires Club Books 4 & 5. This new edition includes a bonus preview of Hunted, episode 6 of The Billionaires Club, the first one from Gabe’s point of view. You also get a brief excerpt of Innocent Captive, my new serial. I’m off exploring ancient Mayan sites as background for the rest of the episodes.
Enjoy, Q