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Taboo Lust: My Man of the House & Innocent Captive: Mayan Apocalypse 1

Q. Zayne

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These novellas go too far for some readers! Taboo first-time love in twisted circumstances, with consequences....
Two edgy tales of forbidden desire, each from the point of view of an untouched heroine facing the overwhelming passion of a powerful and wealthy off-limits older man. You also get nasty glimpses into the workings of alpha men.

For some men, it's once in a lifetime. A girl gets to you in a way you can't control. You become obsessed. You become a character in a dirty book who exists only to procreate. You lose all sense of what's right and who you're supposed to be. You damn the consequences and grab the girl you have to have.
But when she's off-limits, when even thinking of taking her is wrong, you've already gone too far.

Please note:
the second novella, Innocent Captive, ends on a cliffhanger. This edition includes brief bonus excerpts of Virgin Captive, my first Mayan Dark Fantasy serial, and Sold , the first episode of my popularThe Billionaires Club series. These are free samples and have no impact on the price of this book.
All characters are 18+ and readers should be, too, due to strong sexual content, off-limits desires, dark themes and disturbing imagery. People prone to being upset or offended by taboo or dark material should not read this book.
Adventurous readers, enjoy. Q.

General Horror Dark Erotica Paranormal Romance
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