Forbidden Magic: The Complete Collection

by Anya Merchant

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The complete and uncut collection of the “Forbidden Magic” series, by Anya Merchant.

A month ago, Victor Anders was a regular teenager with ordinary teenage problems. Now, he’s the victim of an experiment gone wrong, struggling with strange new powers and the temptation surrounding them.

Conjured flames, magical flight, reading minds and even influencing the emotions of others are all within his grasp, given enough practice and time.

Unfortunately, there are others aware of his abilities, each with agendas of their own. Some, like his old mentor, Lucy Wilson, want to help him in well-intentioned, albeit misguided ways. Others, like the mysterious female terrorist known only as the Night Angel, want something else entirely.

It’s up to Victor to decide for himself whether Undercliff City is to be a playground, or a battleground.

WARNING: This book contains explicit sexual content, gratuitous violence, and adult situations (including infidelity). Reader discretion is advised.